All of your cabins have kitchens, but are they furnished with what we will need to cook and eat?

Our kitchens are all furnished with the basics you would need for both cooking and eating (ie pots, pans, cups, mugs, silverware, etc.). We tell guests that unless you are cooking something that requires a very specific dish, then you should be covered. Each cabin has the place settings for the maximum number of guests in that unit. If you are missing something then please ask at the front desk as we keep extras of just about everything.

Do the Theme Rooms have a kitchen?
No, but they do have a small refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker (w/ coffee), and 2 mugs.
Do we need to bring towels, sheets, and bedding?
No, unless it’s your favorite blanket that you can’t leave home without. All the beds have clean bedding, there are towels for the maximum number of guests in your unit, and in the case where there is a sofa bed, the bedding for that is provided as well. If something is missing please ask at the front desk as we always have more linens available.
Are your fireplaces wood burning? Can we bring our own wood?
A ll of our fireplaces are wood burning. From Labor Day Weekend in September to Memorial Day Weekend in May (with the exception of High Fire Danger conditions) we provide a complimentary bundle of wood your first night and have additional bundles available for $8 each. During the warm, dry months we have fire logs available for purchase in the office for $5 each. We strongly encourage our guests NOT to bring up wood as this promotes the spreading of diseases and pests that our forest and others can not handle (google the Golden Spotted Oak Borer for an example).
What’s the difference between a Rustic Cabin and a New Rustic Cabin?

All of our 12 Rustic Cabins are free standing, range in size from Studio to 3 bedrooms, and were built between 1910 and 1960. They are very rustic in nature and we try to strike the balance between keeping them as original as we can while still making them comfortable for our guests with newer or updated amenities. Our 6 New Rustic Cabins are all duplexes, meaning you will potentially have a neighbor (for sure on weekends). They were built in the early 80’s with a more open layout and less wood throughout the cabin. We feel they provide for a comfortable cabin experience without the “old” or “rusticness” that can bother some guests.

What’s the difference between a New Rustic Cabin and a New Rustic Suite?
We had the unfortunate pleasure of having one of our duplexes burnt down by a guest back in 2008. This gave us a unique opportunity to provide an accommodation that we didn’t have prior, a comfortable, updated cabin with a Jacuzzi tub (for 2) in the bathroom, a large flat screen TV in the living room, and forced air heat and air conditioning. We have also done our best to keep these as non-smoking and pet free units for our guests with allergies.
Why don’t you allow pets in the Theme Rooms and Suites?
While part of it is a noise issue, we also wanted to offer accommodations for our allergy sensitive guests. When the rooms and suites were built, it provided the best opportunity to designate them a certain way and so that’s what we did.
Will we have to pay for parking? Do we park at our cabin/room?
Nope, parking at the Inn is free for guests. For all of our cabins you will park right next to or directly in front of the cabin. The Theme Rooms share a parking lot from which you will walk up a short path to a ramp or stairs, depending on your preference. We also have extra parking in a couple of areas if you need to bring more than one vehicle. Just ask about this when you make your reservation.
Do you provide any kind of continental breakfast or other food?

We do not and here’s why. Offering food increases costs on many levels and by not providing it we are able to keep our rates reasonable. All of the cabins have kitchens, so those looking to save some money are able to bring food and cook themselves. We also appreciate all of our guests who choose to support our friends and fellow business people by visiting the many outstanding restaurants, cafes, pubs, and coffee shops that we have within just a few minute walk or a very short drive.

Can we bring a BBQ or do you have them for guests to borrow?

We do have portable propane BBQ’s on site for our guests to use, no fee. We charge $7 for the little propane canisters to go with them or you can bring your own propane. If you do choose to bring a BBQ it must be propane, NO CHARCOAL. Due to the high fire danger during the months best for BBQing, we are not allowed to use charcoal. It is even quite difficult for residents as it requires applying for and receiving a special permit.

Why is there a black dog wandering around, begging for food?
Buddy (a flat coat retriever, border collie mix) is our family dog and he spends a lot of time at the inn. We’ve trained him to stay on the property so he wanders and does his thing. Unfortunately he has figured out how to beg and has scored lots of dog food, quiche, and bacon among other things. Please don’t feed Buddy as we feed him plenty well and a lot of the food he gets from guests doesn’t agree with him (which means we’re cleaning up after it later!).