Welcome letter from owners:


The White's

Welcome to the Idyllwild Inn. Whether this is your first visit or you have been coming for generations, our desire is to make you feel as if you were a part of the family. Why is this important to us? The Inn has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1904 and has been a part of our family since 1960. Being the 4th generation owners, and now with 12 years under our belt, we (Josh & Emily) finally feel like we are getting the hang of this family business stuff.

This is exciting for us as there are few family businesses today with a history as rich and unique as the Idyllwild Inn’s. For our family the Inn has been an incredible blessing as it allows us to work and live in the wonderful mountain community of Idyllwild.  We’re hopeful that the family tradition will continue as we are now employing all three of our kids to do jobs around the Inn.  Joel (13) has become the official wood bundler, Seth (10) is our wood stacker, and Abbey (8) helps stack wood and picks up trash around the property.  While it isn’t glamorous, we do our best to impress upon them the idea that this is our family business and we are all in it together.

Because of this family dynamic, it is important to us that you feel at home at the Inn. So many of you have become our extended family as we’ve watched our families grow together. We hope that over the years, we will continue to make changes that will only improve and enhance your Idyllwild Inn experience. In doing so, we look forward to talking with many of you about the potential changes you might like to see. We look to maintain the unique feel and experience that so many have grown to love over the last 100 and more years. Thank you for being a part of the family, and we hope that our families will continue to grow together.

See you soon,

Josh & Emily White
4th Generation Owners