If you plan on visiting Idyllwild and bringing along your pet friend(s), you’ll be happy to know that we do allow up to 2 dogs in most of our cabins. Our only requirements are that you do not leave them in the cabin unattended, as we’ve found that most dogs tend to bark due to the unfamiliar environment and wildlife surroundings, and that you don’t allow them on the furniture or bedding. While we currently do not have a pet fee, we will charge an extra cleaning fee or a maintenance fee if the cabin requires extra housekeeping or repairs due to a pet.

Idyllwild is a very pet friendly town with several restaurants that allow pet owners to eat on the deck with their animals. There are also numerous shops and galleries that don’t mind having your pets walk through with you. In fact, several of the shop owners bring their pets to work with them. In addition, several trails around Idyllwild allow dogs. Check with the local Forest Service Station to find out which ones, (951) 659-2117.

If you need any pet supplies, grooming, or even boarding (for the day or overnight) while you are here, please check with the following businesses to see if they can accommodate your needs.

Love on a Leash

54585 North Circle Dr
Idyllwild, CA 92549
(951) 659-9020

Mountain Paws

54380 North Circle Dr
Idyllwild, CA 92549
(951) 468-4086

Pets ok at Rustic Inns

“Hey, I’m Buddy, the Idyllwild Inn dog.  You’ll see me around the inn playing with the squirrels and sometimes even playing tether ball.  I love kids but sometimes I scare them…I think it’s because I’m a furry black dog…but really I just want to play and say HI.  I know you’ll see me off a leash, but I know where I go so don’t worry about me.  Please make sure your pets are on a leash as they may not know the area as well as I do, and there are frequently lots of dogs around.  Hope to see you playing around the Inn.”